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One of the many reasons to do Local SEO is that we have become a lot more patriotic in 2020, meaning it has become more important to look after our own rather than going offshore.

Regardless of where you service your customers, you no doubt would like more local customers, which leads us to Local SEO.

If you are a shop, restaurant, plumbing and electrical contractor, hair and beauty salon, tradie, or legal and medical practice, you should invest in Local SEO.

Near Me Searches

When people search online, they often use ‘near me’ with whatever service they are searching for.  If you trade locally, you need to put a strategy in place which ensures that your business features prominently when people are doing online searches for businesses in your area.

Just think how often you use a local search. You may search for ‘best physio near me’ and ‘garden maintenance in (your suburb)’ or ‘dentist in (your city)’.

The stats:

  • 50% of people who did a local search using a mobile phone visited a bricks and mortar business within a day
  • 18% of local searches made on mobiles led to a sale being made within a day

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is when you optimise your website to increase your online visibility which helps locals to find your business when they’re searching online.  If Google receives a search query for certain keywords or phrases and those keywords are included in your on-page SEO, a match is identified, and the results presented to the user. The closer the match (keywords and location) the higher your website will rank in the organic results.

SEO is also known as organic SEO which helps get your site ranking. However, it doesn’t include off-site SEO campaigns which drive traffic to your site through improving your Domain Authority, acquiring quality backlinks, improving site performance.  It uses elements such as keyword research, content and on-page optimisations.

GMB generally focuses on improving visibility in Google Maps and in the local three-pack of the search engine results pages (SERPs) which provide searchers with results that are relevant to their geographical location.  This pack has three key elements, namely proximity, relevance and prominence and the nature of the industry you’re in will largely dictate how you should best manage these elements.

Who should be focusing on local SEO?

SEO is important for any business with a local audience.  If given the choice of a local business with a user-friendly website and good Google Reviews and social presence and a business further away, it’s not hard to see they will choose local!

What’s involved in local SEO?

Firstly, you absolutely need a Google My Business (GMB) listing.

  • Is free
  • Is easy-to-use
  • Shows your Reviews
  • Provides you with analytics
  • Listing on Search & Maps
  • Provides click to call
  • Provides directions to your location

By verifying your information and optimising your GMB listing, you can enhance your business’s visibility on Google Maps and appeal directly to your local audience.

Optimise your GMB

Optimising your GMB listing is vitally important.  Complete all fields, your address, opening and closing times, contact details, add images of the inside and outside of your physical premises. Ensure that the information you provide matches that of your website and social profiles as Google crossmatches the information to ensure it is genuine and reputable.

GMB posts may be images, updates & videos.  Importantly, be aware that posts expire after 7 days and you will be encouraged by Google to add fresh content/posts.  This will keep your business profile relevant and not lost on page 35!

Keyword Use

Don’t just rely on GMB for SEO!  Add your keywords to all digital posts to allow the voice-activated personal assistants like Siri, Google Home and Alexa to answer a users’ question with your business in the search results.

Keyword research should always be data driven.  Have a keyword analysis done early on based on the data available to compare your business to your competitors.  The stats don’t lie!   Then rinse-repeat this analysis every three months to ensure that you have included any new keywords and phrases that your competitors are using. It’s not a set and forget.

By concentrating your efforts on local SEO, you will build a valuable digital presence and improve your online visibility which can translate into more conversions and ultimately, business success.

Need help with your Local SEO?

If you would like to create or optimise your GMB listing, contact us and we will have a great GMB listing live within 7 days and you can share the link to your happy customers to request Google Reviews.

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