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Freelance SEO Manager - 4 Major Benefits of Engaging One

Freelance SEO Manager - 4 Major Benefits of Engaging One

Engaging a Freelance SEO Manager to achieve results could be the missing vital part of your digital marketing strategy.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources out there to help you make sense of SEO. But if you want to see consistent results, it can take serious time out of your schedule. That’s why the world of freelance digital marketing can offer you some valuable help.

In this post, we’re going to explain why. Good search engine optimisation requires a wide range of skills in business, research, and writing. There’s very few companies who already have this range of skills on hand in their workforce. As such, a freelance SEO Manager can offer expert support, with SEO strategies tailored to your needs.

A freelance SEO manager creates solutions with local SEO, content marketing, and more

Good SEO is not just one single strategy that can be applied to any business. You can expect a skilled Freelance SEO manager to listen to the needs of your business, and develop a strategy that is closely tailored to your needs.

A florist serving a specific suburb will need help with local SEO - making sure that they are in the top results for the area, both in the search box and in mapping apps. An expert can manage your Google Business Profile to make this happen.

By contrast, an eCommerce or SaaS company will want to demonstrate their understanding of a client's needs, and illustrate the contexts in which their products and services are relevant. In this case, your Freelance SEO manager may spend more time building up an authoritative blog and convincing case studies to assure new customers.

Whatever the nature of your business, an SEO expert will look at your existing strategies, understand your needs, and implement plans that lead to the right kind of organic growth.

An expert manages all optimisation processes effectively

Achieving great SEO results requires many different skills.

Your SEO expert must undertake deep research into the keywords that are most suitable for your company. They must be able to understand, produce, and edit high-quality content. And, they should be able to monitor the progress of site traffic.

With bigger jobs, your freelance SEO manager may also need to recruit and manage a small team of writers. At that point - quality assurance and people skills become extremely important.

On top of all this, the field of search engine optimisation is constantly changing. With algorithm changes, emerging platforms, and unfolding local and global events, only a high-quality SEO can be expected to keep up track of changes effectively.

In other words: the basic ideas of SEO are easy enough for a tech-savvy business owner to pick up. But when you choose to hire a real expert, their deep understanding and experience makes a big difference to your results.

A Freelance SEO specialist gives you more than you expect

You’d be surprised at how much more value an expert can add to your company.

With excellent listening skills, a strong SEO expert will be adaptable and creative in the solutions they offer your business. You can expect to build mutually beneficial relationships that last - a feature that SEO specialists are rightly proud of.

A great SEO can produce, commission, and edit high-quality content, with expertise, authority, and trustworthiness; optimise your web copy, or revamp your site from the foundations up.

You should be proud of your web copy and content media: only a great SEO will give you this assurance.

In short, your SEO expert will deliver in ways that a generalist digital marketer cannot - providing you long-term organic growth that leads to improved interest in your business.

Freelancers offer flexibility and affordability for businesses of all sizes

To get SEO expertise in your business, you’ve got several options.

You can learn the basics yourself - or ask another member of your team to acquire this knowledge. Youtube and major blogs offer plenty of free resources for absolute beginners. However, even assuming you get everything right, it could be a while before you see serious results.

Alternatively, you hire somehow to specialise in SEO for yourself - whether on a permanent basis or as a contractor. This is a great option for larger businesses, but will not be within reach of smaller companies.

For most smaller businesses, a freelance SEO expert is likely to be the best option. A freelancer can be flexible, offering different service packages to suit your needs - whether that’s a full-time retainer for a couple of months, or a few hours a week to get your campaigns up and running.

Contact a high-quality quality SEO-oriented marketer, and they’ll provide you with a no-obligation quotation for their services.


Hiring a freelancer brings all the benefits of a seasoned expert, with few obligations and flexible financial arrangements. Any good SEO strategy will achieve results over time: a freelancer can easily adapt their working schedules to suit the stage of your campaign.

Developing a long-term relationship with a freelancer means that your strategy remains current, and effectively implemented while benefiting from their knowledge that stretches across the industry.

But not all SEO freelancers are equal. Get yourself a freelance SEO expert and, in time, you can be confident that you’ll get the results you need.

If you’ve never hired a freelancer before, today’s ultra-connected world gives you plenty of opportunities to informally connect with SEO experts. Checking out profiles on LinkedIn is a great way to gauge professional compatibility - and plenty of marketing professionals talk about the benefits of SEO freelancers on Instagram, too.

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