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Google is shutting down yet another chat service

Google is shutting down yet another chat service

Google is shutting down yet another chat service (that’s been very effective)

Google is shutting down yet another chat service (that’s been very effective). This 1977 term is quite apt at this point: ‘If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!’

The list of discontinued services in Google’s ecosystem, often referred to as the “Google graveyard,” continues to grow, highlighting the company’s ongoing efforts to streamline its offerings. The latest casualty is the chat feature within Google Business Profile, slated for termination on July 15, 2024, marking yet another closure in Google’s quest to refine its product lineup.
Initially tailored to cater to businesses, the chat functionality provided a convenient avenue for users to engage with businesses directly through Google Search and Maps.

For many businesses, it has been working very well, with 50+ direct messages each month from potential customers who found them via a Google search.

Effective July 31, 2024, Google will completely remove the chat feature from its Business Profile, urging affected businesses to explore alternative communication channels to maintain seamless interactions with their clientele. In light of this transition, businesses are advised to swiftly adapt to alternative chat platforms to sustain customer engagement.

For businesses seeking to preserve their chat history, Google recommends utilising Google Takeout to download past conversations before August 30, 2024, after which access to these records will no longer be available.

As for existing chat conversations, users will receive notifications regarding the impending discontinuation of the feature commencing July 15, 2024. These notifications will persist within ongoing chat threads until July 31, 2024, when the feature will cease to be operational, prompting users to seek alternative means of communication with businesses.

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