Schedule LinkedIn Content with Metricool

Schedule LinkedIn Content with Metricool

Did you know you can schedule LinkedIn content with Metricool and get the most out of this great social network?

Manage LinkedIn with Metricool, the Perfect Match

Are you looking for a way to optimise your results on LinkedIn? Look no further than Metricool! With its features, you can plan your content, analyse performance in real-time, run ad campaigns, and manage multiple accounts.

What is Metricool?

Metricool is a tool that lets you manage your social accounts and profiles. You can program and plan content on the social profiles you manage, analyse the performance of your content in real-time and other time ranges, and run ad campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads.

Features for LinkedIn

Once you have connected your LinkedIn profile or company page to Metricool, you can start taking advantage of its features. You can use the visual calendar to program content at any date and time to prevent forgetting to post something important. You can also upload CSV files with all the information related to posts that you want to program in bulk. Additionally, you can control all published and pending posts on the Posts History tab. Autolists are also available so that you can create content effortlessly while focusing on other tasks.

Evolution & Metrics

Analysing and understanding how your strategy is performing is crucial to planning the next weeks. Metricool provides an overview of your LinkedIn account in the period of time of your choice including the number of followers, impressions received, number of publications, interactions received, clicks made by audience, etc. Reports can be downloaded in PDF or PPT format in the time range of your choice with customisable templates available for Team plans.

Accounts Management

If you need to manage different brands from one account, Metricool makes it easy. With a Pro 5 account (the smallest plan that allows you to manage LinkedIn), you can manage up to 5 LinkedIn pages with higher plans allowing up to 50 pages. Contact us if you need more pages managed!

So don't wait any longer - start managing your LinkedIn accounts with Metricool today!

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