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AI Can Be a Great Tool…But Also Costly

AI technology can be incredibly useful in cutting costs when it comes to needlessly expensive copywriting services. However, what looks like a cost-cutting measure at first can have hidden risks. In the short-term, it can damage the credibility and reputation of your brand, while in the long-term it can cause significant harm to your search engine rankings.

The best approach is to use AI as an assistant rather than a replacement for experienced copywriters or SEO specialists. An AI content editor trained by an SEO specialist with good understanding of both client needs and search engine algorithms will help you avoid these drawbacks by keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of SEO trends and optimizing for both. This approach will ensure that neither your clients nor your search engine rankings suffer in the long term.

Web Pages

Are you using ChatGPT or Google Bard AI generated copy on your website without ever reviewing it? If so, you could be sacrificing accuracy and sending bland or generic choices of words to your customers. Worse yet, Google will detect this with ease and lower your site quality score which could affect your ranking in SERPs.

At Manage My Marketing we offer an AI content editing service that helps you make sure your website is accurate and personalised. Our team of copy editors are experts at spotting errors, adding natural conversation points, and making suggestions to enhance the accuracy of your AI generated content. With our help, you can trust that your website visitors are receiving an easy to understand message tailored just for them.

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Using AI generated results verbatim can have serious consequences when it comes to accuracy and customer trust. Poorly written or inaccurate content hurts both customers and brands alike. Improve accuracy and protect your reputation with a comprehensive AI Editing service from Manage My Marketing. Our team of experienced copywriters will take the time to review and edit your content for accuracy so you don’t have to! 


Meet Tom, the owner of JB Plumbing. He was looking for a way to increase his online presence and generate more leads. After some research, he decided to try using AI created content on his website.

At first, it seemed like a great idea. Tom was able to quickly add new content without having to go through the hassle of writing it himself or hiring an editor. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as planned. Soon enough, Tom’s website was negatively impacted by inaccurate and generic-sounding AI generated content. His search engine rankings dropped drastically, hurting his reputation and credibility in the process.

To make matters worse, many customers were confused by the poorly written copy which only added to their negative impression of JB Plumbing. It took months of hard work before Tom was able to repair his site and regain some lost ground in SERPs – all thanks to our AI Content Editing service!

plumber worried after using ai generated content without checking it's accuracy

Tom soon realised the importance of taking the time to review and edit AI generated content before publishing it online – something he could have avoided if he had invested in a quality editing service from the start!

The Future of AI

AI (artificial intelligence) is defined as the ability of a computer or robot to perform tasks traditionally associated with human intelligence. It enables machines to interpret and simulate various cognitive tasks, including logical reasoning, data analysis, natural language processing, vision recognition, and problem-solving.

AI has many potential benefits in various areas such as healthcare, transportation, finance and education. It can assist doctors in diagnosing diseases more accurately and quickly which could lead to improved outcomes for patients. In the transportation industry AI can be used to improve safety and efficiency by providing autonomous vehicles or better control over traffic system operations. AI can also be used in the finance sector for fraud detection and trading algorithms that optimise investments based on market conditions.In education it can be used for personalized instruction and to analyse student performance data.

However, with the development of AI there are also ethical concerns about potential misuse of data or harm caused by algorithmic decision making. There is also the risk of job replacement as automation technology advances become more sophisticated and cheaper than manual labour.

The future of AI is notoriously unpredictable but it is safe to say that its usage will continue to expand across many industries in order to increase efficiency and power precise decision-making processes. However, it is important that we develop regulations surrounding ethical use of this technology so that potential risks are minimised and its transformative potential is maximised for society’s benefit.


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