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Local SEO & business citation management

Google Maps

If your business is not showing on Google Maps, how will users find you?


Accurate Name, Address & Phone Number are vital to your profile.


Relevance means knowing who you are in relation to your customers needs.


Posting quality content regularly helps your Google ranking.


Let me help you build your local presence across local map searches. As a specialist search marketer I will create a campaign strategy that will rank you in the search engine results + rank your Google Business Profile based on the location of your local customers.

Local Google Business Profile Management is the perfect choice for businesses that have a physical location and a local audience targeting a specific geographic area. 

Using our local search service, we create unique, custom branded graphics and include 100-150 words on the latest trending topic (or your products & services offering) and publish it to your Google Business Profile (GBP) to get your profile ranking and found by users searching within your area.

Local SEO - Mini figure traveler with red pushpin and a map travel concept.

Today your online reputation is the difference between a potential customer calling you or one of your many competitors. It is therefore vital that you generate positive reviews on the most popular citation & business directory sites that are available.  There are over 200 citation sites to choose from!

Reputation management service

A well optimised Google Business Profile assists search engines to quickly identify your business’s location, products and services with a search and present the most relevant results.  Our experts will verify your profile and ensure the information is accurate and consistent with your business offering (and a few other expert additions). 

Google business profile optimisation

Regular posting of content demonstrates the quality of your services to your audience. Our content strategy ensures that your audience is kept up-to-date with products, services, offers and showcases reviews to give them the confidence to contact a business that has just what they are looking for.

Google business profile content management

Building citations for your business add additional credibility and trust to your online presence.  We have over 200 citation opportunities to choose from when building your presence.  Maintaining citations and ensuring consistency & accuracy is fairly time consuming, but totally worth it.

business citation building and management


Let me help you build your local presence across local map searches. As a specialist search marketer I will create a campaign strategy that will rank you in the search engine results + rank your Google Business Profile based on the location of your local customers.

local SEO features and benefits

For many small businesses, creating and maintaining an online presence can be a challenging task. With so much information available out there, it can be difficult to stand out among competitors in the same industry.

This is where local SEO comes into play. Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on optimising your website and Google Business Profile for searchers who are local to your business’s physical location.

Are you a small business looking to attract customers in your local area? If so, utilising Google Business Profile and local SEO strategies is a must. 

Google Business Profile

One of the most important aspects of successful local SEO efforts is having a consistently updated Google My Business profile. This free tool allows businesses to appear within relevant searches on Google Maps and in search results lists, bringing increased visibility even if customers don't directly visit your website.

Google provides key insights about how visitors interact with your listing, giving you access to all data associated with its platform. Ultimately this becomes valuable data points that any company’s respective webmaster team should review and adapt based upon what consumers care about when they discover your profile via organic or paid pursuit over time.


Curating positive reviews from customers creates credibility through social proofing in enhancing consumer confidence in your brand which could ultimately lead to repeat purchases and referrals boosting your reputation and further increasing your market share.


Clearly visible images giving accurate representation/the vibe shared at brick-and-mortar locations extend customer reach outside normal communities reached organically thereby enlarging your brand potential customer pool.

Blow-up graphics/screenshots driving third-party acknowledgment/ statistics/ endorsements all improve user experience and add your unique selling proposition (USP).

Accurate Hours

Up-to-date hours of operation provide visitors with confidence that you are open when you say you are. Innacurate hours could lead to negative reviews.

Benefits of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Increased visibility

With local SEO, you can improve your visibility in search results when people in your local area search for products or services related to your business. This means more potential customers will find you online.

Targeted traffic

Local SEO helps you attract highly targeted traffic, which is more likely to convert into customers. By targeting location-specific keywords and optimising your Google Business Profile, you can ensure that people in your local area find your business when they’re looking for products or services like yours.


Compared to other marketing strategies, local SEO is relatively inexpensive. You can optimize your Google Business Profile for free, and building local citations and targeting location-specific keywords can be done with minimal investment.

Competitive advantage

Local SEO can give you a competitive advantage over other businesses in your area that aren’t utilising these strategies. By appearing in the top results of local search queries, you’ll be more likely to attract customers and grow your business.

Builds trust and credibility

Optimising your Google Business Profile and building local citations can help establish trust and credibility with potential customers. When people see your business listed in top search results and on local directories, they’re more likely to perceive your business as reputable and trustworthy.


NAP stands for Name-Address-Phone number. A NAP citation consists of these three pieces of information being listed on external websites such as directories or review sites along with a link back to your website. Consistent and accurate citations are essential elements in helping your business rank higher in local searches.

  • Website Audit
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Implementation
  • Monitor & Measure Results
  • Update & Repeat

This is what’s referred to as Local Search Marketing and is conducted through your Google Business Profile. Optimisation of the business profile is the first step in ensuring that your business can be found in local search results & on map searches. It is a much lower cost than a full SEO campaign but can be highly effective.

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