Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Funnily enough, our purpose isn’t to stand on top of a mountain with our hands in the air. But it is to take your business to new heights, so I guess the visual still works. Except with us, your business will be on the top of that peak in the distance. Yeah, that’s right, that scary-high one with the snow on top.
Seriously though, we are 100% committed to growing your business. Not just that, but also saving you money.
Oh, and doing it all in our own unique and inimitable style of course.

We're determined to be different, save you money, and grow your business.

  • The Average Marketing Approach

The average marketing approach

We have worked in both sides of marketing, both in company teams and for digital agencies. And one thing we’ve seen over and over again, is that clients’ marketing budgets often get blown out by too many people having their snouts in the trough. In-house marketing teams outsource websites. Oh, and design and development, SEO, SEM, content writing, social media strategy and management… even brochure designs. Basically, they decide what direction to take the company in, and then get someone else to do the work. And then of course there’s…..
manage our marketing
  • Additional Costs

Additional Costs

The more people involved in a job, the more you end up paying. Don’t forget, you’re not just paying for their services, you’re paying for their margins. And, with so many people involved, accountability tends to go out the window. Communication breaks down, deadlines get missed, and the cost just racks up and up. And then the bill lands on your doorstep. So, isn’t there a better way? Well yes, quite frankly, there is. Ours.


While you spend your time making your product or service something every user should find, we’ll spend ours making sure they do.


While you spend your time making your product or service something every user should find, we’ll spend ours making sure they do.
  • Marketing Managers + Digital Agency

Marketing Managers + Digital Agency

We’re your marketing managers and your digital agency all rolled into one. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to pay double. You just pay the one flat rate. And, because we can do both sides of the job, we can truly understand your product and deliver results that others can’t. We’ll interrogate you, in a nice, non-torturey way. (there will be biscuits) to fully understand your product and your business needs. Then we’ll define your marketing objectives and take a good hard look at your competitors. After that, we’ll set Sanjay to work, boosting your SEO and managing your AdWords and social media. And while he’s weaving his magic, Michael, Shanon, (that’s two people, not Michael Shannon the Hollywood actor) and yours truly will be writing your content, developing your website, designing your traditional collateral and, most importantly, building your brand.
  • Tailored Solutions

tailored Solutions

Your business isn’t the same as everyone else’s. So why should your marketing solution be? Every one of our clients is unique. And a unique client calls for a unique solution. That’s why all our solutions are made to measure. No “off the rack” packaged offers and lock in contracts here. That’s not our style. Instead, we work hand in hand with your business and decide what marketing plans and actions are best suited to your specific product and company. And then we handcraft you a beautiful double-breasted, hand-stitched, impeccably tailored marketing plan that fits your company perfectly and makes it look like a million dollars. And, hopefully, be worth a million dollars as well.

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