Can you monetise TikTok?

Can you monetise TikTok?

TikTok is the short-form mobile video platform whose mission statement is “to inspire creativity and bring joy”. But that can’t be all. As with other social platforms of the same ilk, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, the end game is to monetise.  As of July 2019, there are more than 500 million active monthly users of the app, making it a leading contender in the video creation world. In fact, anyone with a smartphone can be a media creator.

Although account holders are yet to see any financial gain from their efforts through TikTok profit-sharing its ad revenue, advertisers can and do utilise the platform they reach millions. Creators can, however, become influencers or sell products through promotion to their followers. Nothing new there!  It’s only a matter of time before successful creators are able to earn revenue from their own videos.

It takes commitment and work

Not everyone will make money from TikTok, it takes creativity, commitment and work!  Let’s face it, it takes commitment to build an audience of 50-100k of followers and be taken seriously as an influencer.  Big follower numbers allow you to approach big brands and promise them access to your fans and hopefully an increase in reactions, clicks and sales of their products.  So how do you grow your following?  Organically one would hope.  Instagram is rife with influencers who purchased their 50k followers and hung out their open for business shingle. You get found out eventually when you attempt to con brands.

How will you influence?

  1. Live Stream Your Video Creations
  2. Promoting / Selling Your Own Offerings
  3. Referral Links

Depending on whether you are promoting your own or a brands product, you will need to offer your audience something real.  That means quality content!  Engagement is still going to be the No. 1 goal on this platform. Get them there and keep them there.

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