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Most copy doesn’t get to the point until the end.  If you want to get conversions it makes sense to lead with the most important point, the hook, the offer, right?

Who wants to read an essay or listen to a long speech before somebody finally gets to their point.  You may think you are building anticipation, but in reality, you are wasting their time and they will tune out and leave.


Our products make a great choice because (company) has been around for over 50 years and they all come with a lifetime warranty.

Notice something? They are talking about themselves first and leaving the most important part of the message till last. If you want to have them at hello, try this:

Get a lifetime warranty on all products backed by over 50 years of quality manufacturing experience at (company).

Key Points

  • Did you know that the word ‘Get’ has a higher rate of conversion?
  • Rewriting the copy also reduced it by 5 words. This makes it far easier to use as a search engine friendly title.
  • For SEO you need to place the keywords you want to be found for at the beginning of the copy, in the title, meta description and URL.

People have a short attention span and you have a limited amount of time (usually a few seconds) to catch their interest and communicate what’s in it for them.


  • Write for humans
  • Write for search engines
  • Get the point across early
  • Convert more

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