Want Local Reach, Create a Google My Business Page

Want Local Reach, Create a Google My Business Page

Google My Business has become the place that users go to read up to date information on your business and more importantly to check out your Reviews.  When a user searches for a business, the Google results will also provide a knowledge graph on the right with 3 local listings.

"If you want people to shop local, you have to make it easy for them to find you locally" 

Whether you are a small business, a franchise or a branch of a larger company, think of your Google My Business listing as a free mini-website which has the ability to do regular product posts as well as listing your location (Google Map linked), opening hours, phone number and link to your main website.

Once created, Google will send a verification code via traditional mail, once this code is added to your GMB account, your profile will become visible in Google searches.

As with anything in digital marketing, keeping your profile up to date is pretty important.  Uploading a new post, offer, image weekly will keep you fresh in the cyber mind of Google and show you to prospective customers in your local area.

You will receive a regular report from Google showing the stats for your GMB profile like how many visitors asked for directions to your address and how many called with the phone number link.

It is free to use, so what's stopping you?

If you would like your GMB set up and managed for you, contact us for a chat.

Link: Google My Business