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How to Develop your Key Messaging

How to Develop your Key Messaging

In this article we talk about how to develop your key massaging. Key Messaging is a term used to describe who you are and why you exist as an organisation. It is used to communicate key points when you reach out to your audience. It sets you apart from your competitors by communicating your USP consistently.

But your Key Messages are not set in stone, they need to change depending on the time, context, and your audience.

FIRST you need to understand WHY you need to develop key messaging

Key messages form part of a clearly defined marketing strategy. Without them your marketing materials appear fragmented & inconsistent. The added benefit to yourself is that by spending time on developing your key messages helps you to clarify what your product offerings or services are.

Clear Communication

Key messages could simply be to list the benefits of your product or service.  Clearly communicating how your product or service solves a customers’ problem. What’s the bottom line benefit of your offerings?

By saying the same thing over and over again you have some hope of it reaching deaf ears. Remember, it has to be engaging, and worded in such a way as to cause a reaction. So, reinforce your message by saying it in various ways and use these messages in different mediums and measure the level of engagement from each to determine what works.

The Three C’s

The most important rule to follow when developing your key messaging is the three C’s – Clear, Concise, and Consistent.

  • Clear —Free of jargon & technical language
  • Concise —Deliver key messages in 10 seconds
  • Consistent —Messages must be repeated if they are to sink in.

In short, what do you want customers to remember about you? And if they could only remember one thing, what should that be?  Write one or two sentences to get the message across, therefore, be sure that your key messages are jargon free so that they are understood by those not familiar with what you are selling.

Consider these questions when creating your Key Messaging:

  1. What should I tell customers about me?
  2. What will I tell them about my competitors?
  3. What will my competitors tell customers about their products?
  4. What will my competitors tell customers about me?

What can you use your key messages for?

 Google AdWords – descriptive ads in very few words

  • Keywords for
  • Website tags
  • SEO
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Email footers

Remember, Key Messages are the foundation of your Branding.

If you would like a workshop to brainstorm your key messaging and strategy, get in touch,  or book a call, we would love to help.