Tips on how to look after your mental health when working from home

Tips on how to look after your mental health when working from home

Despite the attack of COVID-19, it’s business as usual policy regarding the online marketing line of companies in Australia. However, the risks of mental health issues also come across because of these hard and trying time situations.  

With viruses continuously spreading these days, onsite workers and employers are scrambling to figure out how to do their jobs at home. Thus, online marketing businesses start to boost around, serving everyone a new normal way of handling businesses.

Here are some of the vital tips on how to look after your mental health while working from home.

1. Face to Face Conversation a Day

It’s the new adjustments and new working environment to deal with when working from home, especially when you haven’t done it before. There are the solitude and loneliness issues while facing your monitor, trying to absorb the situation you’re in. Surely, you won’t have to do the everyday routines of going to work. The commute, daily dress up, productive hours, and many more. You may think that it’s comfortable without having to undergo these exhausting works. After two weeks or more, you will realize how challenging this can be later on.

Life without human and physical interaction can be tiresome. This is why it is crucial to have a face to face conversation if you start working from home to keep your mind distracted. A simple talk a day could help you minimize the time you get to spend overthinking and worrying inside your mind. 

The effect of this COVID-19 has put everyone in their homes and the state of isolation. Knowing that you can’t even nip out for a coffee meeting nor have lunch in a café in the sun brings on a sense of deprivation. So, aim for a face to face conversation at least once to keep your thinking stable. Talking to others online can also help, especially if they are the people who also feel the same. That way, you won’t think that you’re alone. 

Another one thing to fight loneliness and depression is also your allotted time for yourself. Write a schedule about how your entire day will be. It could include some planning time for a whole week, reading time, cooking, working out, going out to have some sunlight, playing with your pet, and other things to do. This kind of practice can help you have some leisure time even amidst the pandemic crisis. Working from home is also stressful, so make sure that you’re doing something to calm you down and relax.

Aside from work-related things, you can also plan for other things that can help you grow personally. There are many online seminars and courses that you can take if you’re an aspiring writer and want to do better in it. You can also join different challenges that can improve your photography skills or art techniques. Even though it's a quarantine period, there are still many things to do to look after your mental health, make yourself busy, and keep your business on the right track.  

3. Get Out of Your PJs

As soon as you get up, practice getting out of your sleeping outfit. You probably did it many times, grabbing your coffee cup and checking the emails first thing in the morning. And then you will notice, you’re still wearing your favorite pajama.

However, it doesn't just affect your professionalism but also your energy and productivity for the whole day. Especially if working for your online marketing strategy, you should start your day with great motivation. That way, you’re not bearing the progress of your business but also the success in the end.

4. Manage Distractions and Enforce Your Boundaries

Thanks to COVID-19, your working world suddenly changed from the office workplace, it now becomes your room or living room setting. There are many distractions around you when you work from home. It could be your responsibilities as a parent, at the same time, as a worker. Thus, you have to set a schedule per day to maximize your working hours and household chores.

You have many options to keep up every day. Allotting at least 15-30 minute blocks for your kids while having your uninterrupted time can help.

Another way you can implement is by having an exact time to finish your work. Shut down your personal computer and everything. Don’t think of overworking yourself; instead, leave things on your desk and stand up. After your working hours, you can spend your time relaxing, playing with your pet, preparing dinner, talking with your partner, and a glass of wine to call it a day.

At first, dealing with things while working from home can be stressful. It can feel like you are living in an isolation state, and you’re trapped inside doing nothing but the responsibilities you have to carry. However, things can be better if you develop an organized workable system that will suit you and your mental health.

No one can tell until when this pandemic will be over. While businesses are busy getting back to the right track, your mental health must always be present, too. Working for your online marketing is essential, but don’t forget to take care of your mental health.