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12 marketing hacks to promote your cafe locally

12 marketing hacks to promote your cafe locally

We all love good marketing hacks and so over the last couple of months, I've spent a lot of time speaking to small company owners so I could understand their most significant difficulties better. Remarkably, one of the leading issues noted by coffee shop owners was attracting more customers. Specifically, local ones.

Do you know what was the most common thing cafe owners said?

"There are a lot of cafes around us with extremely comparable menus and price options! It's so tough to stand out in the crowd!"

Sounds familiar?

Well luckily, there are ways to attract more consumers from around the neighbourhood. Here are our top 12 marketing hacks to promote your cafe in your area:

  1. Have clear signage

This may sound obvious, however, it's crucial, not really a hack. Whether you have a huge cafe on a busy street or a hole in the wall in Whoop Whoop, you've got to have clear signs. Invest some dollars on an expertly created logo design so people can keep in mind and relate with your trademark name. Make certain it's clear and simple to be obvious from a distance.

  1. Plan for online search results

Once you've established your cafe, this is perhaps the very first thing to do online. It's most typical for cafegoers to look for places close by and it's crucial for your cafe to show up in the leading results. So how do you make that happen? You'll need to ensure your cafe is noted in as many online food directory sites as possible. Start with Google My Business and Yelp and send much information as possible including your opening hours, telephone number and instructions on Google Search and Maps. The best part. It won’t cost you a cent!

  1. Manage your profile on review websites

Showing up on search results page is just one marketing strategy. The other half is effectively handling your profile so that your customers leave positive reviews for others to see. Personalise your profile-- add pictures and share what's special about your cafe. Attempt and respond to each review-- even if it is a negative one, actually, especially if it’s a negative one. Be open to feedback and engage with people who care enough to say something about your coffee shop. How you engage with a disgruntled customer and with a negative review says a lot about you and your business.

  1. Develop a website

I know you're a cafe owner, not a web designer. However, you've got to have a site for your cafe. It gives your business credibility and a website is an excellent platform to share more information about yourself and your cafe. For example, you can discuss your specialities and list your menu to make it simpler for potential consumers.

  1. Get active on social networks

Like it or hate it, you can't neglect it. Social media has actually ended up being progressively more important for food services and can help reach a broader audience than ever before. The only problem is, you've got to post frequently to hold people's attention. If you're of the mindset that I truly do not have the time for this, rope in your staff members to handle it for you. Even if on one platform (ideally Instagram), it's enough. People love to scroll through food pics.

  1. Encourage consumers to take pictures

If you don't have time or the ability to take terrific images of your restaurant and food for social networks, let your customers do it for you. There are enough Instagram enthusiasts out there who would like to display a gorgeous dish to their pals. Here's what you can do to motivate individuals to post photos, 1) ensure your discussion is picture-worthy 2) serve amazing food so the caption conveys how excellent it tastes and 3) throw in a little incentive, like a free coffee or ice cream for publishing with a branded hashtag.

  1. Add your menu to Facebook and other reviewing sites

Make it as simple as possible for people to decide about your restaurant or coffee shop. With a lot of options readily available, people like to understand precisely what to anticipate in a venue prior to making their choice. Tip: If a vegan sees that special vegan meal on your menu, he/she may choose your restaurant over the one on the next street that has no vegan options showing on their menu online.

  1. Letterbox Deliveries

With some cities in Covid lockdown, notifying your customers that you are open and what you have available for contactless delivery or pickup is as easy as a flyer that is up to date, has a good choice, some great images and OFFERS! People love special offers.

  1. Host a media occasion – lockdown permitting

Invite local reporters and food bloggers for a media occasion. Some free drinks and food will cost you a bit but the if they blog about your location in popular print or online journal, you could truly go places.

  1. Host a charity event – lockdown permitting

Now we're not recommending that you start hosting a whole variety of totally free occasions. A smart method to host occasions is to invite people with the guarantee of one free drink or starter or whatever fits your budget plan. The concept is that they're likely to buy more once they're there and are likewise most likely to return with other good friends if they're delighted with your service. And with a fundraiser, you get the complete satisfaction of giving back to the community and get in touch with your customers through a typical cause.

  1. Usage text marketing

You must have seen this happen all the time, there's an offer promoted on your table that provides a discount if you text something to the management. For instance - Get a free coffee if you text 'my free coffee' on 7272. This is a smart way to gather your customers' numbers so you can connect to them later with future offers. It's a great tactic - they get their totally free coffee; you get a possibly faithful consumer. Build your database!

  1. Rely on word of mouth marketing

We asked small business owners to share their favourite marketing tip for fellow small companies. Among the leading tips was "Be a walking talking supporter for your organisation. Word of mouth marketing and online marketing are similarly as effective as each other." Network with people, talk to your consumers, how did they get the word about your restaurant or cafe. You are the absolute best marketing tool for your company.

So, these were our leading local marketing hacks. What has worked for you?  Get in touch to find out how Manage My Marketing can help you increase your customer base and save money.


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