Marketing Momentum

Marketing Momentum

Don’t Lose Your Marketing Momentum over Christmas

No doubt you have already started your end-of-year wind down. Has your marketing also? Rather than shutting up shop till mid-January, now is the time to look back on the marketing activities of 2022 and assess the effectiveness of those activities and plan ahead for 2023. If you didn’t budget for summer marketing, you may be out of sight, out of mind with consumers early in 2016.

You have been building up your database all year, don’t lose focus now. Schedule newsletters/offers to be sent automatically over Christmas/New Year.

Keep up the Momentum!

If you have nothing in the pipeline for early in the year then you will be off consumers’ radars when they are active again. It is critical to maintain momentum so that you don’t see the negative effects in the first quarter sales results. It is much easier to maintain momentum than to have to claw back your position from your competitors that kept up their marketing pace.

  • Be creative – what’s the hook?
  • Tie it into a theme – i.e. Australia Day, Australian Open, Cricket, Valentine’s Day
  • Be visible – when consumers are ready to spend, they should think of you
  • Nurture your leads over summer – it will pay off in Autumn
  • Continue your online advertising
  • Continue your SEO activities
  • Generate leads to follow-up early in the new year
  • Don’t drop the ball!

Contact Manage My Marketing for help with a marketing strategy including an SEO campaign that will keep you fresh in the minds your customers over the coming months.