Social Media - the top ways to increase your audience

Social Media - the top ways to increase your audience

Are you wondering how can social media help your business at this time?

Covid19 has impacted the world in ways we haven’t seen since the Depression.  Unfortunately, many businesses have been forced to shut their doors as they are either not suited on online sales or don’t have an online presence to boost.

So how does a business navigate and survive this current business environment?

You become creative and use this time to increase your customers, update your business model or redesign/build a website.

Here are some free or low-cost ways to market your business that is not only going to benefit you during this pandemic; but will give you a new business model that will carry your business into the future.

Social Media is where your customers are spending a lot of their time

With the majority of the population trapped in their homes, a large number are turning to social media to connect and engage with friends, family and interest groups. Therefore, while they are spending time on social platforms it’s an opportunity to keep in touch with your followers. And, keep reminding them you are still open or available.

Reassure your customers

Social media users are looking for information daily and this gives you the opportunity to post regularly and communicate how seriously you are taking this virus.  Sharing images of your employees practising social distancing, wearing masks, the cleaning regime your business follows will reassure your customers that it is safe to buy from you.

Local directories and local Facebook groups

There are interest groups on Facebook for just about anything. Locate groups that are in your local area and join in. Contributing to the group in a meaningful, non-sales way that encourages members to support you as a local business.

Did you know you could upload your menu up or services on Facebook?

Let customers know that you are open for business, are doing online orders and contactless deliveries or pickup.  Having your menu available on Facebook will make it quick and easy for customers to order from you. Ensure that your current ordering status is updated on social media and your website. Offer specials to encourage customers to keep coming back and ordering.

Reviews and testimonials are vital when ordering online

Ensure that your testimonials and reviews are recent and have a high star ranking.  Encourage customers to review you and even post an image of their food or products. Respond to any negative reviews promptly and honestly. In fact, respond to as many reviews as possible.  This shows how engaged you are with your customers and that you care enough to respond. Good reviews lead to referrals!

Everyone still has to eat, and people get sick of cooking every night without a break or a treat

People haven’t stopped eating. We all need a break from cooking while in isolation and there are still birthdays and other special occasions to cater for.  People local to your business will probably be more than happy to support a business that has quality food and products.

And lastly:

Practice safe distancing when delivering but remember to be personable. You may be the only contact someone has had face to face in a while.  A smile can do wonders. A happy customer is a returning customer.

  • Follow-up with them on social media and say thanks for the support.
  • Offer a 10% off offer or 10% for a friend

Stay Safe Everyone and reach out if you need support with increasing your digital presence.

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