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Website Maintenance - Protect Your Digital Marketing Investment

Website Maintenance - Protect Your Digital Marketing Investment

Website maintenance may have slipped your mind whilst you have been busy growing your business.  Have you popped the hood lately?

You started your business and website with the best of intentions, to be self-sufficient, save money and manage it all yourself. Then you accepted that your time would be better spent on providing solutions to your customers, not doing your bookkeeping and other tasks, but what has happened to the website that was handed over to you in pristine condition?

A website that isn’t kept up to date is a prime target for hacking as your WordPress software, Themes & Plugins are regularly updated to keep one step ahead of the hackers.

The cost of rebuilding your site if lost is a lot more than maintaining it.

Manage My Marketing offers monthly website management and you only pay for what you need.

Our expertise:

  • New websites
  • Website maintenance / updates / site backup to your Google Drive or Dropbox
  • LinkedIn updates
  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram posts
  • On-page & off-page SEO
  • Google Ads

Prices start at as little as $75 per month.  To find out more about our monthly website maintenance package, message us for a no-obligation chat.

If you need regular updates to your site, such as blogs, updating images or adding new pages and products, our Pay for What you Need Package is the most cost-effective way to manage content updates.

And remember:

  • Fresh content gives you a better ranking with Google.
  • A website without fresh content is just an electronic brochure.