What Does a Digital Project Manager Do?

What Does a Digital Project Manager Do?

The Site Foreman Analogy

I often get asked, what does a Freelance Digital Project Manager do?  The short answer is everything!  Think of it as a site foreman on a construction project, they may not ‘do’ all of the work themselves, but they have to have very good knowledge of the project, costs, deadlines, resources required and clients needs – and then manage all of the trades, suppliers and the client relationship to get the job done with happy clients and a decent return for themselves.

Defer to experts

As project managers, we have limited time to achieve the myriad of tasks that need to be performed every day. Managing the team and ourselves is time-consuming and a constant juggle. To be successful delegation is the key. Delegating can mean giving a team member a task and supervising it or handing over the task to an expert who can get it done quicker than you could yourself (more cost effective).  A PM knows what needs to be done and who is best to get it done. My job is in managing communications, not necessarily the technologies.

Manage the Process

My primary, but not only job is in managing communications, not necessarily technologies. Although I can and do roll up my sleeves and do the techy work (don’t want to get rusty), my role is to identify the client’s problem, determine the best solution, relay that information to the team and also inform the team of the time they have to solve the problem.

Don’t Take My Word for It!

Testimonials from my clients show my proven success as a Digital Project Manager. It’s all about happy clients.