Why Doesn’t My Website Come up in a Google Search?

Why Doesn’t My Website Come up in a Google Search?

I have been asked this question hundreds of times: Why Doesn’t My Website Come up in a Google Search Immediately?  Well, there are millions of new websites being created daily and it’s Google’s job to send their spider bots out to crawl through each site and index each page of each site. Only then can Google match your content to the request of their search users. So here are some common reasons explained in more detail:

1. The search engines haven’t indexed the site yet

Depending on various factors, it can take a few weeks for a search engine to locate your website.

2. Your website isn’t optimised for search engine crawling

Spider bots scan your site for meta information, such as meta content, keywords/phrases and quality/relevant content. Completing on-page SEO will speed up the crawling process.

3. You are in a competitive keyword market

If your keywords are the most popular/competitive in your market, you are no doubt competing with long established websites or larger businesses with deeper pockets for pay per click advertising. It’s best to use a range of high, medium and lower competitive keywords.

4. Some keywords serve no purpose

Conduct a keyword analysis to determine which keywords are high quality and which are worthless when it comes to driving traffic to your website.

5. Create a listing on Google My Business

This is a free listing which enables Google users to easily find a business in their local area. Your GMB listing links your site to a map and users will then see your listing with contact information and a link to your website.

6. Relevant content to your business

Google’s algorithm is rather clever and can ‘read’ your content and match it to the search keywords and phrases entered by users. So always write for your intended audience and give them quality relevant content.

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